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Acid Wash

Is your swimming pool looking a bit dingy and murky? Does it feel filmy when you take a dip in your pool? It may be time to consider an acid wash to remove the algae that has formed. If you can't see your pool's bottom floor, then it's time to drain and clean it. 

An acid wash is essentially a process that strips a thin layer of plaster from your pool. This exposes the fresh new white plaster underneath. We don't recommend doing this often as this will definitely speed up your need to re-plastor. First and foremost, acid washing is a dangerous procedure as it involves using acid to remove the algae and stains that have formed. This is why it's not recommended to do this yourself. Instead hire a professional acid wash pool company like Pacific Blue Pools and Spas, LLC. Our expert pool service technicians will know how to handle this process. It requires wearing protective gear such as a breathing mask, rubber boots, gloves and protective clothing. 

Our acid wash process is different from other service's in that we pressure wash your pool first prior to doing the actual acid wash. We then mix 75% acid and 25% water and carefully pour this mixture to every area of your pool. This is what makes the difference with our acid wash service. Our pool service technicians are also thorough in carefully neutralizing the waste water by applying and mixing it with soda. This is to ensure that it doesn't kill any wildlife or animals. We also make sure that we thoroughly rinse your swimming pool to remove the acid as this could wear down the walls of your pool over time.

An acid wash cleaning of your pool is the easiest and most cost effective way to make your pool look brand new. Call or book an appointment today! 

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