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Pool Filter Cleaning 

Pool filter cleaning is essential to keep your swimming pool crystal clear and clean. The most common question asked is when should pool filters be replaced? The best way to know when to change your pool filter and have it cleaned is when the back pressure on the filter system rises and the pool circulation system drops.  A good rule of thumb is to make sure your filter pressure does not go above 10 psi. If it does, then its time to call Pacific Blue Pools and Spas, LLC for a filter cleaning.

The three types of pool filters are Cartridge Filters, D.E. ( Diatomaceous Earth) Filters, and Sand Filters. The most widely used is the cartridge filters because it's economic and is low maintenance. If your filter cartridge: 


Call us and we will replace your dirty filter cartridge with a brand new and clean one. 

As for sand filters, the sand can easily be replaced inexpensively once it gets too dirty to do its job. For D.E. filters, once the filter pressure rises, it is backwashed like sand filters and then recharged with new D.E. powder. So for sand filters you will need new sand from time to time and for D.E. filters you will need D.E. powder. 

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