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One of the best feature about Kool decks is the way it significantly lowers the temperature around the surface of your pool up to 20 degrees. And if you live in the southwest part of the country that could mean the difference between warm concrete to burning hot and unbearable to walk on. 

Other benefits are: 

  • It's safe for the environment
  • It resists thermal expansion and contraction 
  • Easy clean up with just soap and water

Kool Decks

Invented in 1962 by Mortex, Kool decks is a textured cement like surface that is placed over the concrete area of your pool and any walkways of your outdoor living space. It comes in many colors and can be mixed with other colors to get a personalized color of your choice. 

It's proprietary components that include synthetic iron oxide pigments and natural ingredients make it a fan with many pool owners. The reason why many pool installers do not recommend Kool decks to their clients is because it is much harder to install than acrylic pools. It takes a trained pool builder and installer like Pacific Blue Pools and Spas, LLC to handle the deck topper material  which is hard to work with. It also needs to be poured over freshly laid concrete before the concrete cures so the materials can bond properly. 

Over time a Kool deck can crack and will need to be repaired with more Kool deck material. However, with the sun fading it will be difficult to match the colors exactly. This is why we recommend calling us and we can either provide the right color to match as close to the faded color as possible or we can re-coat your deck with the same color or totally new color. Call or book an appointment and let us give you the Kool deck experience. 

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