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Pool Filters

If you have a brand new pool installed or you just had your pool remodeled, you will need to decide on what type of pool filter you are going to need. 

There are three types of pool filters that you can install. The three you can choose from are Cartridge Filters, D.E. ( Diatomaceous Earth) Filters, and Sand Filters. Each one has their own pros and cons and we can provide you the best recommendation for your specific pool and lifestyle. Let Pacific Blue Pools and Spas, LLC help you make the right decision.

Cartridge Filters- the most popular filter is a cartridge filter. That is because it has a greater surface area than sand filters which makes for less clogs and less maintenance.  It runs at low pressure that provides more flow and less back pressure on the pump. The cartridge should be hosed down at least twice during pool season. 

Sand Filters- this type of filtration is a process that uses sand to remove impurities from your pool water. It can collect bacteria and solids up to twenty microns. Over time the sand filter gets clogged with floc and must be backwashed or pressure washed to remove the floc. 

D.E. Filters​- the highest level of water filtration you can get is with a Diatomaceous Earth filter. It can remove impurities as small as 1 micrometer. Just like a sand filter, D.E. filters are backwashed and then recharged with D.E. powder.