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Pool Tile Cleaning

Over time your pool will form calcium build up around your pool tiles. Often times this is due to high calcium in the water. It's recommended to have a professional pool technician to check the calcium and TDS levels in your water so that it can be adjusted to the right levels. 

There are 3 ways to remove calcium from pool tiles. One is soda blasting which uses baking soda. Another way is salt blasting which uses Kieserite which is like epson salt. We specialize in bead blasting which uses very small glass beads. The reason why we feel bead blasting is the best way to remove calcium and grit is that it's the most effective with pebble finish pools. Not only is it an easy clean up after pool tile cleaning, it also does not affect the water balance. 

If you own a glass pool be sure not to use bead blasting as this will cause etching to the glass tiles. Bead blasting is a specialized process and needs to be done by a licensed pool company like Pacific Blue Pools and Spas, LLC. Call us or book an appointment and we will have your pool calcium and scale free. 

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